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_Saving and Loading Presets

Each Makito X is configured by users' selecting and setting values of applicable settings, such as encoder or decoder and stream settings and the stream destination. Although these configuration settings are not automatically saved, presets provide a way for you to save groups of settings and recall these configurations settings to apply to other streams.

Configuration settings saved as the "startup" preset will continue to be used after a reboot, or when the unit is turned off and on. You can also direct the system to apply a preset to restore settings when the system startup process performs the configuration autoload.


Presets do not include System Administration (e.g., Network) or Security settings.

From the Presets page, you can view the list of saved presets, load a saved preset, and save the current settings as a preset. You can also view the contents of a preset file, delete a preset, and select the preset to load at startup.

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