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_Safety Notes, Cautions & Warnings_MXE_MXD_Harsh


If the device is to be installed in a remote location (e.g., on a utility pole, or on a mobile platform), we recommend that you follow the instructions in this Installation Guide to perform an initial setup in a "staging" environment, such as a lab or control center. Once the device has been set up and is demonstrated to be operating normally, you can then move it to the remote location.


Before installing the device, please refer to the "Safety Guidelines" in the Makito X Encoder User's Guide or Makito X Decoder User's Guide . Only connect the unit to a compatible power source. If an electrical fault occurs, disconnect the unit and contact Haivision Technical Support. Never try to force the connections when setting up the system as this may damage the unit.


Hot surface. Avoid contact. The chassis can achieve a surface temperature 95°C in poorly ventilated environments, and may cause personal injury if touched.
ATTENTION Surface chaude. Eviter le contact. Le châssis peut atteindre une température de surface de 95°C dans des environnements mal ventilés et peut causer des blessures en cas de contact.


This unit is intended for installation in restricted access areas. A restricted access area can be accessed only through the use of a special tool, lock and key, or other means of security.
AVERTISSEMENT Ce produit est destiné à être installé dans une zone d'accès restreint. Les zones d'accès restreint sont protégées par un mécanisme spécifique, par une serrure et une clé, ou par tout autre dispositif de sécurité.
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