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_ipconfig_CLI MX4D cmd

The ipconfig command is used to view and set the parameters that specify the IP (IPv4) networking context for Makito X Series devices, including the IP settings, hostname, and DNS. It may also be used to set the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server address and Time Zone.

As shown in the examples that follow, when you enter the ipconfig configure command, the system displays the current IP settings and takes you through a series of prompts enabling you to change the IP settings, optionally enable DHCP, and change the hostname, DNS settings, NTP settings, and/or Time Zone setting.

When DHCP is enabled, you can configure the DHCP Vendor Class ID (option 60), which is set by default, for example, “Haivision Makito X4 Encoder” or “Haivision Makito X4 Decoder”. This allows IT departments to identify Makito X Series devices on their networks.

Also, if  there is a slow DHCP server at the client’s site,  you may find it useful to adjust  the  DHCP Client Retries  and  Timeout  options to obtain a DHCP address. These options were added to circumvent issues caused by the unit's booting before having obtained a valid DHCP address .


Enabling the Multicast DNS (mDNS) protocol allows mDNS applications such as the Safari Web browser to automatically find the encoder. In Safari, navigate to Bookmarks and then select Bonjour to see the Makito X Series device listed.


If you are connecting to the Makito X Series through an IPv4 connection, disabling the IPv4 interface will drop your connection. You will need to reconnect using IPv6 or the serial interface (if available).

You must reboot for any changes to take effect.


ipconfig display
ipconfig configure
ipconfig renew
ipconfig release
ipconfig disable




Displays the current IP configuration.


Configures IP settings.


Renews DHCP address lease.


Releases current DHCP address lease.


Disables IPv4 functionality. Use to configure the device to use IPv6 network only.


You cannot disable IPv4 if IPv6 is already disabled.



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