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You can filter MISB 0601 metadata tags on a per tag basis, by specifying all or any subset of the MISB 0601 tags. If a tag is included, it is allowed to proceed to the metadata elementary stream (ES). Tags that are not included are filtered out of the metadata AU and not transmitted in the metadata ES. Non-MISB 0601 metadata (such as MISB 0605 or custom metadata adhering to SMPTE 336) is not affected by the MISB 0601 filtering.

When filtering MISB 0601 metadata tag 48 (security metadata), you can also filter the security metadata tags defined in MISB 0102.

This is useful to eliminate unwanted KLV information in order to minimize the metadata bandwidth required. You may choose to down-scale and frame-decimate the video and decimate the metadata as well.

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