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_EMS_Pair Kraken

To pair Kraken with Haivision-EMS:

  1. On the Services page, toggle the Haivision-EMS button to On . 
  2. Hover over Haivision-EMS and click Configure next to the tools icon .
  3. On the Haivision EMS dialog, enter the passcode (copied and pasted from Haivision EMS).


    On a new system, the EMS Address and Port are blank. When a pairing code is pasted in, the address and port are automatically filled in to reflect the IP address and port contained in the pairing code. 

    (Optional) You may change the EMS Address and Port in order to override the defaults extracted from the paring code, for example, to accommodate network security requirements.

  4. (Optional) Increase the value in the Keep Alive field to ensure the Kraken can be paired with EMS and remain connected during file transfer.  

    The Keep Alive value is also filled in when the pairing code is pasted in. "Keep Alive" is the time interval in seconds in which the device will ping the EMS server to maintain its connection. 

  5. Click Pair.
    This initiates the pairing and communication with the EMS server.
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