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_Dell Images

Dell Optiplex 7090 (aka Small Form Factor, Micro, and CDRV SDI 3)

Dell Optiplex 7080 SFF (aka Small Form Factor and CDVR SDI 2)



Marketing mockup. May change.



Dell Optiplex 7080 MFF (aka Micro) for Kraken, CDVR Mini 3, and KB



Marketing mockup. May change.

Dell Wyse 7040 (aka KB Mini 2)

KB Mini 2 Back Panel
KB Mini 2 Front Panel

Dell Wyse 7070 (aka KB Mini 3 and Connect DVR Mini 2)

Dell R210 

Dell R210 Server Front View
Dell R210 Server Low View

Dell R220 (Kraken Base)

Dell R220 Front Low View
Dell R220 Back Low View
Dell R220 Front View No Cover

Kraken Server Front View

Dell R230

Dell R230 Back View
Dell R230 Front View

Dell R240

Dell R240 Haivison Faceplate (same as R340 below)

Dell R330

Dell R330 Back View
Dell R330 Front View

Dell R330 (HMP/HMG 3.0)

Note: R330 images with callouts for HMP 3.0 stored under HMP-specific content (26 Oct., 2018, MRM)

Dell R340

Dell R340 Haivision Faceplate (same as R240 above)

Dell R420

Dell R420 Front View Drawing
Dell R420 Front Panel
Dell R420 Front View
Dell R420 Rear Panel

Dell R430 (Kraken Premium E5-2660; HMP 1U)

Dell R430 Front USB Port
Dell R430 Front View
Dell R430 Back View

Dell R620 

Dell R620 Back View

Dell R630 (Kraken Ultra)

Dell R630 Front View
Dell R630 Stack Front View
Dell R630 Front USB Port

Dell R640 (HMP 3.0)

Dell R710

Dell R710 Front View
Dell R710 Front Low View

Dell R720

Dell R720 Front View Drawing
Dell R720 Front View
Dell R720 Back View

Unknown – Dell R420 according to service tag

Dell R730 (HMP 2U)

Kraken CR

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