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The following conventions are used to help clarify the content.

Typographic Conventions and Elements


Used for the introduction of new terminology, for words being used in a different context, and for placeholder or variable text.


Used for strong emphasis and items that you click, such as buttons.


Used for code examples, command names, options, responses, error messages, and to indicate text that you enter.


In addition to a math symbol, it is used to indicate a submenu. For instance, File > New where you would select the New option from the File menu.


Indicates that text is being omitted for brevity.

Action Alerts

The following alerts are used to advise and counsel that special actions should be taken.


Indicates highlights, suggestions, or helpful hints.


Indicates a note containing special instructions or information that may apply only in special cases.


Indicates an emphasized note. It provides information that you should be particularly aware of in order to complete a task and that should not be disregarded. This alert is typically used to prevent loss of data.


Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in damage to data or equipment. It may also be used to alert against unsafe practices.


Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that may result in physical harm to the user.

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