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In CBR streams with Traffic Shaping enabled, metadata may cause the stream to exceed the bandwidth overhead (video bitrate + bandwidth overhead percentage). Therefore, when configuring the bandwidth overhead percentage, you need to take into account how much metadata is being generated.

Metadata is not part of the minimum bandwidth calculation used for CBR streams (because it is application dependent). The bandwidth for it is presumed to fit within the bandwidth overhead which is specified at stream creation. However, as the video bitrate drops, the overhead needed to accommodate the worst case bandwidth usage of the metadata must increase.

For example: bandwidth overhead = ( metadata_bitrate / ( video_bitrate + audio_bitrate ) ) * 100

Minimum bandwidth overhead should be no less than 5. For example:

metadata_bitrate = 500 Kbps, video_bitrate = 1000 Kbps, audio_bitrate = 128 Kbps

bandwidth overhead = ( 500 / ( 1000 + 128 ) ) * 100 = 44

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