Last updated on Jul 28, 2022

The InfoCenter pages contain the following elements:


  • Search Box – See Searching the InfoCenter for details.
  • User Preferences – After accepting cookies in the dialog that appears when first visiting the site, click the  icon to open the User Preferences dialog to adjust various settings.
  • Product bar – Includes links to access documentation of other Haivision products in the InfoCenter.
  • Breadcrumbs – Navigational aid to keep track of your location within the InfoCenter.
  • Version Selector – If there are multiple versions of a product in the InfoCenter, a drop-down menu appears to allow you to choose the product version and access legacy content.
  • Page tree – Located on the left side of the screen, the page tree provides links to navigate the content relative to the current product and version you are currently browsing. You can expand or collapse parent headings as necessary, as well as horizontally resize the width of the page tree.
  • Content – The main part of the screen that contains the content of the page you are currently browsing.
  • Previous/Next Page in Page Tree – Buttons to go to the previous or next page within the page tree hierarchy. You can also use the , (comma) or . (period) keys on your keyboard.
  • Link to Haivision Support Portal – If you need to contact Haivision Technical Support, click this link.
  • Footer buttons – Includes action links to:
    • Create a PDF of the current page and its children (Appears when within a product's page.).

    • Contact Sales via email.
    • Provide feedback for the InfoCenter to Haivision via JIRA.


      Clicking the button in the footer expands it to show descriptions for each icon.