Customizing Your InfoCenter Experience

Last updated on Aug 31, 2020

After you accept the usage of cookies, a Settings icon appears on the top right of the InfoCenter screen. Clicking it opens a User Preferences dialog as below:

User Preferences dialog

Using this dialog, you can customize the following while browsing the Haivision InfoCenter:

  • Brightness and Contrast: Use the sliders to adjust the brightness and contrast of the UI and text elements. Click the Reset button to reset to default.
  • Image Hover Zoom: With InfoCenter images that have been reduced in size, when hovering your mouse over the image, a magnifying glass appears zooming in on the image. An example is shown below. Uncheck the Image Hover Zoom checkbox to disable this feature.
    Image Hover Zoom example
  • Glossary Tooltip: When browsing the InfoCenter using Google Chrome, certain words and phrases may be underlined. Hovering your mouse over these words or phrases opens a tooltip that provides a definition of the term. An example showing this tooltip is shown below. Uncheck the Glossary Tooltip checkbox to disable this feature.
    Glossary Tooltip example
  • Stored Cookies: Clicking the Clear button deletes any optional cookies that you have previously accepted, and subsequently resets any customized preferences to default. After refreshing your browser or navigating to another InfoCenter page, the cookie warning message re-appears and only required cookies are used until you accept the warning message. See Privacy and Cookies for more information on cookies used by the InfoCenter.