Last updated on Sep 02, 2020

Our mission here at Haivision is to break down barriers and open dialogues across the planet. The tenets we live by are: equal opportunity, diversity, and personalization.

In short, we are working to make the InfoCenter more accessible to an even larger community by making our content easier to understand, easier to interact with, and easily available.

Accessibility Features Targeted for the InfoCenter

  • Keyboard-only operations
  • Screen reader friendly interface
  • Meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA

We strive for equal availability between all of our products and services through personalized customer experiences, tailored to suit your own individual needs.

How to Navigate via Keyboard

  1. Download a screen reader of your choice. If you are vision-impaired, we recommend NVDA, a free program that reads text and image alternative text aloud, either by using the mouse cursor or the keyboard.
  2. After installing and setting up your chosen screen reader, go to the InfoCenter and activate Screen Reader Mode. After the page loads, press Tab and a hidden link appears at the top of the page. Click or press Enter to activate the page's screen-reader mode.
  3. After screen reader mode is activated, you may use the Tab key to navigate the page between links and paragraphs, or by the unique commands associated with your chosen screen reader.
  4. While screen reader mode is active, a navigation menu appears at the top of each page. To disable screen reader mode, Tab to this menu and select "Disable Screen Reader Mode."