Editing Network Settings

Last updated on Sep 14, 2020

The Network Settings screen displays the device's:
  • Hostname
  • IP Address
  • Gateway Address

  • Netmask

  • DNS Server Address 1

  • DNS Server Address 2 (Must be set to a valid DNS address. Can use DNS1 if only one DNS server is available).
  • Search Domains
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)

  • Server Address (optional)

  • Boot Protocol (static or dhcp)


These settings can also be changed in the web interface. See your User's Guide for more information.

To change network settings:

  1. In the navigation sidebar, use the ↑↓ (up and down arrow) keys to highlight Network Settings.
  2. Press the Enter key. 
    Console UI Network Settings Screen
  3. To change a setting:
    • Use the ↑↓ (up and down arrow) keys to navigate to the field you want to change.


      Use the ↓ (down arrow) to step through all the Network Settings. Depending on your SSH client settings, the console window might not display all the available settings. For instance, "Boot Protocol" may not be visible if your screen height is not large enough.

    • Use the Delete/Backspace key to delete the existing contents and then type in your modifications.

  4. When finished editing the information, press the Enter key to save your changes and exit to the main screen. Or, press the Esc key to exit without saving any changes.


    After pressing Enter, it takes a few seconds for the settings to be saved. The system may seem unresponsive during this time.