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The following descriptions of the various sections of the Statistics page use images from an SRT exchange between a Makito X4 Encoder (source) and Makito X4 Decoder (destination). By comparing the related sections between SRT source and destination devices, you can determine performance characteristics and identify opportunities to optimize the stream.


You need an up-to-date version of Firefox, Chrome (Chromium), Safari (WebKit), or Microsoft Edge to be able to view the graphics on the SRT statistics page.

The main Statistics section provides an overview of an SRT stream’s condition: its current state, the packets and bytes sent and received, the current bit rate, and (in the case of the source device), how long the stream has been active.

Makito X4 Encoder (SRT source device)

Makito X4 Decoder (SRT destination device)

StatusThe current operating status of the stream.
UptimeThe length of time the stream has been active (e.g., 1d22h5m41s).

Sent PacketsNumber of UDP packets sent for that stream.

Unsent PacketsNumber of UDP packets not sent for that stream.

Dropped PacketsNumber of dropped packets for that stream.
BitrateThe stream bitrate (in kbps).

Received PacketsNumber of UDP packets received for that stream.

Received BytesNumber of bytes received for that stream.

Last Statistics ResetTime since the Statistics page was last reset.

What to look for:

  • Make sure the connection state is not SCRAMBLED or STOPPED.
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