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Encrypting SRT Streams

SRT streams can be encrypted using AES cryptographic algorithms, and decrypted at their destination. To implement encryption on an SRT stream, you must specify the type of encryption on the source device, and then a passphrase on both source and destination.

SRT Encryption Settings

If encryption is enabled, the Passphrase entered on source and destination devices must match.

EncryptionThis parameter specifies the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption key length and cipher.
Range: AES-128, AES-256
PassphraseThis specifies a string used to generate the AES encryption key wrapper via a one-way function such that the encryption key wrapper used cannot be guessed from knowledge of the password.
Range: 10 to 79 UTF-8 printable characters


In SRT the passphrase is used for the exchange of encryption keys, not authentication. Setting a passphrase on the receiver does not prevent it from accepting unencrypted streams.

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