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Importing the Unit Configuration

You can import the unit configuration via the unit panel, web interface, or a USB key.

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, tap
  2. Tap
    and select
  3. Tap Configuration.
  4. Tap Import from file.
  5. Select the .awj file to be imported from the microSD card or the USB memory key.

Web Interface

  1. Click Backup > Import configuration.
  2. Click Browse, and select the .awj file to be imported.
  3. Click Import.


The product supports its automatic reconfiguration at startup or upon detection of the insertion USB key containing specific configuration files in its root directory.

  • For an overall configuration: the specific file must be named autoconfig.awj.
  • For a configuration related to network only: the specific file must be named networkconfig.awj or networkconfig.conf. If both are present, only networkconfig.conf will be taken into account.
  • For a Destination Profile auto-configuration: the specific file must be named destinationconfig.awj.


If autoconfig.awj,, and destinationconfig.awj are present, only autoconfig.awj will be used.

The reconfiguration is rejected when:

  • the file format is not valid.
  • the file is not applicable for the product (e.g., Air configuration file applied on Pro3).
  • the product is in operation (Live, Forward, Record).


When the unit is reconfigured, the Activity LED blinks blue 3 times. When reconfiguration is rejected, the Activity LED blinks red 3 times.

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