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Getting the Unit Information

To get the unit information from the Unit Panel, or from the Web Interface, see the sections below.

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, tap
  2. Tap
    and select
  3. When the Device Info screen appears, use
    to scroll down to view the unit information.

Web Interface

Click the 

icon to display unit information:

You can access the following unit information:

  • Product Identifier
  • Product Name
  • Hardware ID
  • Firmware Version
  • SIP Intercom Status
    • Ready: The product is registered to a Manager or connected to a StreamHub supporting SIP intercom.
    • In call: A call is in progress with Manager or a StreamHub.
  • Users: Number of connected to the web interface
    • Local: Locally on the LAN (Ethernet or WiFi).
    • Remote: From a StreamHub (up to 4 users).
  • Date: Current date and time at the location of the unit.
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