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Connecting a Quad CellLink to the Unit

Using a Quad CellLink allows you to enable cellular networks on your device.

To connect a Quad CellLink to the unit:

  1. On the Quad CellLink, remove the SIM card cover and insert the SIM cards into slots according to indications written on the cover.


    Ensure the SIM cards are already unlocked.

  2. Replace the SIM card cover.

  3. Connect the AC/DC adapter and the power cable.

  4. Connect the USB cable to the unit.


    Choose a weather-protected area for this connection to avoid any damage due to ambient humidity or rain.

  5. Open the transmitter Web Interface.


    The Quad CellLink is automatically detected:

    • QUAD-1 means modem #1 from Quad CellLink.
    • QUAD-2 means modem #2 from Quad CellLink.
    • ...


    You can connect up to two Quad CellLinks to the transmitter.

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