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Configuring an Ethernet Interface

Devices connected to a local LAN transmitter are remotely controllable from the Media Control Room.

The unit can operate in different Ethernet modes:

  • DHCP – Use the unit in a domain that has a DHCP server. The DHCP server assigns the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway to the equipment. DHCP is the default configuration mode for Ethernet.
  • STATIC – Connect the unit to a domain without using a DHCP server. In this mode, the network administrator must set the Ethernet interface's IP settings (IP address, netmask, and gateway).
  • GATEWAY – Connect a host to the unit (for instance, a laptop). The unit acts as a DHCP server and assigns an IP address to the connected host. The unit automatically detects from the netmask the range of IP addresses that it can use for assigning an IP address to the host connected.

Factory Settings According to Selected Mode



IP Address



Ethernet 1


Assigned by DHCP server


Ethernet 2


Assigned by DHCP server







* Default configuration.


When the OFF option is selected, Ethernet mode is disabled. Configuring an Ethernet interface may disconnect the unit.

See the sections below to configure the Ethernet Interface.

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, tap
    > ETH > Mode.
  2. Tap on a new mode.
  3. The selected mode appears:
    • When selecting DHCP mode, settings are automatically retrieved.
    • When selecting STATIC mode, you need to enter network settings.
    • When selecting GATEWAY mode, you need to enter the IP Address, the netmask, and the DNS server address.
    1. Tap
    2. Tap on settings fields to be modified.
    3. Use the keyboard to enter new settings and tap
      to confirm.
    4. Tap

      to scroll down and tap
      to save new settings.


Configuring Ethernet interface may disconnect the unit.

Web Interface

  1. On the Web Interface, click

    on the desired Ethernet line.

  2. In the Mode field, select the configuration mode according to the Ethernet connection used:
    • DHCP
    • STATIC
    • GATEWAY (only for Ethernet 2)
    • OFF (only for Ethernet 2)
  3. According to the Ethernet connection, modify the settings if required:
    • If Static mode is selected, IP Address, Netmask and Gateway.
    • if Gateway mode is selected, IP Address and Netmask.
  4. Click Apply to save these settings.


Applying new Ethernet settings will disconnect the unit from the web interface.

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