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Activating Ancillary Data

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, click on
  2. Click
  3. In the Ancillary Data section:
    • Select SDI input in the Time Code and/or HDR fields or
    • Select SDI input in the SMPTE-2038.


      • If the SMPTE-2038 field is set to SDI, the Time Code and HDR fields are no longer configurable.
      • SMPTE-2038 is a standard establishing a data pipe through which all incoming ANC data packets (Closed Captions, time code, SCTE104 cue tones, etc.) may be conveyed transparently over SST or SRT. Ancillary data is agnostic. All ANC data is transmitted without filtering or selection.

Web Interface

  1. From the Web Interface, click on Settings > I/O.
  2. In the Ancillary Data section, in the Time Code field, select SDI input or System (if required).
  3. In the HDR field, select SDI input (if required).

  4. In the Closed Captions field, select SDI input (if required).

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