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Selecting the Audio Source

You can select amongst two options:

  • From Video – When using the SDI or HDMI inputs
    , the audio is embedded in the video source.
  • Analog (Balanced) – The analog audio inputs
    are used to connect to an analog audio source.

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, turn the wheel to select
    > Audio source
  2. Turn the wheel to select a source.
  3. Turn the wheel to select either
    for the analog input level.
  4. Press the wheel to move the cursor.


  • 0% is for audio muted.
  • 100% is for the max applicable gain.

Web Interface

  1. From the Web Interface, click Settings > I/O.
  2. From the scrolling list, select the audio source amongst 2 options:
    • From Video
    • Analog (Balanced)
  3. When the audio source is analog, move the Audio level cursor to adjust it.


    • 0% is for audio muted.
    • 100% is the max applicable gain.

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