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Installing the Unit

  1. Remove the rear panel.
    1. Press on top.
    2. Remove the cover.
  2. Install the battery onto the unit (if not already installed).
  3. Connect the AC/DC adapter and power cable.


    To disconnect, pull the self-latching mechanism to release the connector.

  4. Insert an SD card (if not already installed). It is recommended to use a FAT32 or exFAT formats and a class 10 SD card.
  5. Insert a SIM card in a slot (not applicable for Air200).


    Slots 1A and 1B are coupled to Modem 1. While slots 2A and 2B are coupled to Modem 2.

  6. For Ethernet transmission, connect the Ethernet cable. DHCP is the default operating mode.
  7. Connect Video Input Cables (SDI or HDMI).
  8. Make sure that the unit's ventilation grids are not obstructed.

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