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Enabling / Disabling Bluetooth

External audio inputs can be added via Bluetooth to be used with the intercom. For more information on the intercom, see Using the Intercom.

To enable or disable a cellular modem from the Unit Panel, or from the Web Interface, see the sections below.

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, use the wheel to select
    > BT.
  2. Press the wheel to enable or disable (
    ) Bluetooth.

    Once Bluetooth is enabled, you can:
    • Select
      to display all nearby devices and tap on the device to be paired.
    • Select 
      to display previously paired devices and tap on the device you wish to pair with.

Web Interface

  1. From the web home screen on the BT line, click 
     to enable Bluetooth.
  2. Click the BT line to view discovered Bluetooth devices.
  3. Click a device to connect to it. Or, click the 
    icon to forget a device.
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