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Configuring Forward Settings

The Forward function offers three possibilities:

  • Forwarding one or several files saved on a mass-storage device.
  • Forwarding all files saved on a mass-storage device.
  • Forwarding the latest recorded file.


Mass storage can be SD cards and USB storage devices.

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, turn the wheel to select
  2. Press the wheel to enter the Forward Config menu.
  3. Turn and press the wheel to select and enable or disable the forward options: Resume at Startup, Auto-erase, or Hot Folder.
  4. If required, turn and press the wheel to select a BGAN profile.


  • Resume at Startup: If any forward is still in progress when the unit is turned off, it is resumed when the unit is started up.
  • Auto-erase: All successfully forwarded filed are automatically deleted when the forward is complete.
  • Hot Folder: Files coming from a camera are automatically transmitted via an FTP server.

Web Interface

  1. Click Settings > Forward.
  2. Click

    to enable/disable the Resume at Startup, Auto-erase and/or Hot Folder options.

  3. Select a BGAN Profile in the drop-down list if required.
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