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Assigning a Slot to a Modem

You need to assign a slot to the modem according to the SIM card(s) that you want to use. This assignment is independent for Modem 1 and Modem 2. For each modem you can select either:

  • Auto (Automatic Slot Assignment)
  • Slot A
  • Slot B

When automatic slot assignment is selected, the unit automatically assigns the relevant slot according to the following table:

SIM Card in Slot ASim Card in Slot BAssigned Slot

See the sections below.

Unit Panel

  1. Use the wheel to select
    > MOD1 > SIM Slot.
  2. Select the relevant slot.

Web Interface

  1. Click
    on the modem line.
  2. Click on the Modem tab.
  3. In the SIM Slot field, select the relevant slot.
    1. The newly selected slot is automatically applied.
    2. An "Initializing" message appears.
    3. The SIM card operator appears.
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