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Using the Remote Control

Connect the remote control to the unit via the USB cable.


When the remote control is connected, the Power indicator switches on and the other indicators blink for 3 seconds.

Live indicator
Power indicator
Activity button
Record indicator
Tally light

Available Tasks

When no action is running

To start a Live

Short press the activity button.

To start a Record

Long press the activity button.

When an action is running

To stop all actions

Long press the activity button.

Indicators and Their Meanings

Power Indicator

Fixed Green

The remote control is connected to the unit.


The remote control is not connected to the unit.

Live Indicator

Flashing Blue

The Live operation is starting.

Fixed Blue

The Live is in progress.


No Live action is running.

Record Indicator

Flashing Red

The Record operation is starting.

Fixed Red

The Record is in progress.


No Record action is running.

Tally Light Indicator

Fixed Red

The Unit is ON Air.


The Unit is not ON Air.

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