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Starting a Forward

Ensure a mass storage device, such as an SD card or a USB memory stick, is connected to the unit. You can choose to forward:

  • The last record
  • A selection of records
  • All files

Unit Panel

From the Home menu, click on

. The forward interface appears:

  • To forward the last record:
    1. Click on
      . The forward starts.
  • To forward some specific files:

    1. Click on
      and on
    2. Click on
      to open the SD card content.
    3. Click on the files that you want to forward. Use
      to scroll down if required.
    4. Click on
      to start the forward.  The forward starts.
  • To forward all files:

    1. Click on
      to scroll.
    2. Click on
      .  The forward starts.

Web Interface

  1. Click on
    .The forward interface appears.

    Forwards the last record (recorded file).
    Forwards specific files (those selected).
    Forwards all files.
  2. Click the type of forward you want to perform (
    , or
    ) and provide any additional information needed (e.g., specific files). The forward in progress is indicated on the screen.
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