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Reconfiguring the Keyboard

If you want to connect a keyboard directly to the server to access the server's Settings menu without using a computer, you may need to change the default keyboard settings.

To reconfigure the keyboard:

  1. Access the server's settings menu. (See Accessing Settings Menu.)
  2. Press the number corresponding to System Settings menu.
  3. Press K on your keyboard to select a keyboard type from the list.

  4. A message prompts you to confirm.
  5. Press Y to confirm or N to cancel. The keyboard currently configured on the server is highlighted in red.
  6. Press the up or down arrows on your keyboard to select a keyboard from the list.
  7. Press the right arrow and then the Enter key on your keyboard to confirm <Ok> or to cancel <cancel> the selection.
  8. On the following 3 pages, follow the same procedure to select the country, the keyboard layout, and the use of the "AltGr" key.

The keyboard is now reconfigured.

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