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Configuring StreamHub as an FTP Client

When configured as an FTP client, the StreamHub is used for the automatic transfer of all new forwarded files to one or several distant FTP servers (FTP Push). FTP and sFTP protocols are supported.

  1. In the menu bar, click on Settings.
  2. In the sidebar, click on FTP Push.


    The number of destination servers to be configured depends on the license.

  3. Click the
    button to add an FTP profile.
  4. Enter a name for the new FTP profile.
  5. Tick the Enable FTP box.
  6. The Automatic source file delete after transfer option allows StreamHub to automatically delete the source file when the transfer completes.
  7. If you tick the Create remote destination path option, you can enter a path different from existing ones.
  8. Select ACTIVE or PASSIVE mode.


    Passive mode is most suitable if there is a firewall between the StreamHub server and the FTP server.

  9. Select either the FTP or sFTP protocol.
  10. In the Host and Ports field, enter the hostname and port of the destination server, respectively. The default port is 21.
  11. Enter the Username and Password to authenticate to the destination FTP server.
  12. In the Path field, enter the path where the files will be transferred. For example, leave this field blank or enter "/" (slash character) to set to the root folder of the destination FTP server. If the path does not exist on the remote server, the path is created if the Create remote destination path checkbox is enabled.
  13. In the Rules field, define the types of files to automatically transfer to the destination FTP server that you are configuring, using regular expressions.
    Some examples are provided below:




    To transfer all the files received, recorded, or transcoded by StreamHub.


    To transfer mp4 files only.


    To transfer mp4 and mov files.


    To transfer all the files recorded by StreamHub.


    To transfer all the files transcoded by StreamHub.

  14. Click the Test button to ensure that the StreamHub can connect to the FTP destination and transfer the files to the destination FTP server according to the rules you set.

    If there is any issue, check the network configuration and refer to the Installation & Configuration Guide.
  15. Click on Save.
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