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Configuring IP Routes

According to your network architecture; you may need to configure IP routes on the server. To configure an IP route:

  1. Press the number corresponding to IP Settings menu.

  2. Press T on your keyboard to access the Route table page.
  3. Press A on your keyboard to add a new route.
  4. According to the type of destination for which you want to add a route:
    • Press 1 on your keyboard to configure a network route (net).
    • Press 2 on your keyboard to configure a host route (host).
  5. Type the destination IP address.

  6. If the destination is a network, type the netmask.
  7. Type the gateway (that must be on the same LAN as the server).
  8. Press 1 or 2 on your keyboard to select the Ethernet interface for which you want to set this route.
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