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Capping the Video Bitrate

Video bitrate is a key factor for transmission quality. Setting a maximum bitrate for video encoding allows you to adapt to network conditions.


  • You can change the capped bitrate during a live transmission on field units when the video bitrate mode is set as VBR in the Live Profile.
  • Before changing the capped video bitrate, we strongly recommend that you check whether the selected Live Profile is suitable for streaming video content in the current network conditions.

To change the capped bitrate:

  1. From the Field Unit Input thumbnail, click
    to open the detailed view.
  2. Use the Video Capped Bitrate control slider change the maximum video bitrate in real time.


  • The video bitrate is dynamically capped according to your change.
  • Please refer to the field unit's user guide for information about video bitrate recommendations that you can set to ensure an expected video quality.
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