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Best practices for Streaming Standard IP Protocols

To obtain the best possible results through the StreamHub IP outputs configured for standard IP protocols, please follow the below guidelines:

  • Ensure that the license applied on the StreamHub includes IP outputs.
  • Draw a network architecture diagram to understand the entire chain and identify potential network bitrate bottlenecks.
  • Choose the proper IP protocol according to the:
    • Location of the targeted audience.
    • Network architecture (LAN with or without firewall, WAN).
    • Final points (CDNs, media servers or IRDs, types of devices and players).
  • Adjust the settings on the Haivision field unit according to the IP protocol that you want to use.
  • For RTMP, HLS, or RTSP protocols:
    • We recommend using a progressive source. 720p or 1080p is highly recommended.
    • CDNs often recommend specific settings for audio and video bitrates according to the resolution required. (For example, Youtube provides online help).
    • You can also use the StreamHub transcoder capabilities to make your video/audio streams compliant with your CDN or your social media platform.
  • Ensure that the upload and download speed of the StreamHub is sufficient. Please refer to the StreamHub Installation & Configuration Guide.
  • We strongly recommend performing a test before an event.
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