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Applying a License on the StreamHub


When applying a license in connected mode (.json file), make sure that the TCP port 443 is open in outbound from the StreamHub.

After receiving an updated license file, you have to apply it on the StreamHub.

  1. Download the license file on the computer you use to access the web interface of the StreamHub application.
  2. In the top right corner, click on admin.
  3. Click on License in the dropdown menu.
  4. To apply a new License, you can:
    • Click on the bottom section of the screen, and browse for the License file. Then click on Open .
    • Drag and drop the License file to the bottom section of the screen.

A success message appears indicating that the license is successfully applied on the StreamHub. Field units will automatically be disconnected.

If the StreamHub displays another kind of message, an issue has occurred. In that case, please contact Haivision's support team (see Getting Help).

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