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With Haivision Play Pro for Mobile, users can extend their Haivision Media Platform (HMP) video viewing experience to their mobile device. Play Pro is one of many ways users can access HMP, which delivers secure, high quality live and on-demand enterprise video to every employee, in every office, on any screen.

Product Features

Play Pro is part of a family of professional media players developed by Haivision.

Standalone features include:

  • Mobile access to SRT broadcast feeds.
  • Ability to build and share your own channel lineups.
  • High quality, low-latency video and audio playout.
  • Support for North American 608/708 Closed Captioning.
  • Support for HLS encrypted streaming.
  • Support for Apple AirPlay device mirroring.
  • Share live SRT/UDP streams from your mobile device.
  • (Supported for HLS video) Picture-in-picture (PiP) video available when the app is in the background.
  • (iPad only) Multi-tasking support so you can have Play Pro and another app open side-by-side.

Additional features when paired with HMP include:

  • Mobile access to SRT broadcast feeds, live corporate events, IPTV and on-demand video content.
  • Permission-based access to all video content.
  • Support for HotMarks and Video Watermarking features of HMP.
  • Stream live from your mobile device to HMP.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) configured HMP systems.

Supported Devices and Requirements

Play Pro is supported on the following devices running the most current iOS: iPhone 6S through latest; iPad Air through latest. 

An HMP system and user account are required to access live and on-demand video.

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