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Starting to Play Video

After the Haivision Play Set-Top Box is connected and configured, you can begin using it to browse and view available content.

To operate the set-top box:

  1. Turn on the Haivision Play Set-Top Box and the connected TV or monitor.

    If the default channel is configured, the set-top box tunes to the default channel and begins playing audio and video; Otherwise, it shows the VOD Library. 


    If provisioning fails, contact your local service provider or help desk.

  2. To change the channel, press the EPG button on the remote control. The channel selection pane opens.
    Channel Selection Pane
  3. To select a program, press the Channel Up or Down button, or type in a channel number using the remote control keypad and press OK.
    As you change channels, the channel number appears briefly in a band along the top of the screen.
  4. When you press any of the volume controls (MuteVolume-Up, or Volume-Down) on the remote control, a volume indicator appears at the side of the screen.
    Volume Indicator
  5. To display closed captioned text, press the CC button on the remote control. This opens an on-screen CC settings panel in the center of the screen.
    Closed Caption Settings Panel
  6. Press CC again to cycle through the screen location. To change the CC channel, use the Up and Down arrow keys on the remote to select the CC stream from the on-screen panel.
  7. To display the Video On Demand Library, press the VOD button on the remote control. The content displayed is based on the HMP Portal feeds. For details, see Viewing the Library.
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