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Automated Provisioning of Set-Top Boxes

Haivision Play Set-Top Boxes can be auto-provisioned by leveraging BootP vendor extensions of DHCP.

When power is applied to the set-top box, it sends the vendor class identifier "HAIVISION_STB" along with its DHCP requests. The DHCP server can be configured to read vendor class identifier for the set-top box, and include the TFTP hostname (Option 66) as part of DHCP lease information. More information can be found in RFC-2132 "DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor Extensions".

The DHCP Server must be configured to provide a TFTP server name based on vendor class "HAIVISION_STB". The DNS server, as TFTP hostname, needs to be resolved by the set-top box.

To configure the Windows 2012 DHCP server:

  1. Add vendor class "HAIVISION_STB" along with its description.
  2. Create a policy for the DHCP scope to filter vendor class "HAIVISION_STB".
  3. When prompted for DHCP options, set Option 66 (TFTP hostname) to the hostname for the Haivision Media Platform server.
  4. Connect the Haivision Play Set-Top Box to the network and power it on.
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