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Joining the Set-Top Box to an HMP Server

The Haivision Play 1000 Set-Top Box must be connected to an HMP server to view videos, receive guide data, and automatically obtain firmware upgrades. There are two options for joining an HMP server, manual or automatic, which are each explained in the following two sections.


Before proceeding, ensure that the set-top box is set up correctly and all necessary network and A/V connections are established (as described in the Haivision Play 1000 Set-Top Box Quick Start Guide).


Haivision Play 1000 Set-Top Box administrators can share content with set-top boxes via AD groups. When a new set-top box registers itself, it sees the content shared with the groups to which it is assigned. For information on HMP sharing, refer to the Haivision Media Platform Administrator's Guide, available through Haivision's Support Portal at:

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