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Tips and Best Practices

  • Always make sure that the input stream and output configuration are at the same resolution. For example, it’s not recommended to mix progressive input and interlaced output (or the reverse).

  • Make sure the bitrate setting is sufficient to support the input resolution:
    1. If the resolution is 720p in H.264, the bitrate recommended is around 3 Mbps.
    2. If the resolution is 1080p in H.264, the bitrate recommended is around 7 Mbps. 
    3. For H.265, decrease the bitrate values above by 30%. 

  • Increase the Live latency.
    1. More latency allows more time to recover lost packets.
    2. With 4G, the recommended value is 1 second or above. 

  • For IP output streaming (Facebook, Youtube, etc.), do not use interlaced sources, or use an encoder on StreamHub. 

  • Transcoding at the StreamHub may be required in some workflows.  For example, when sending to social media, you may need to convert an H.265 (HEVC) source to an H.264 (AVC) output stream.
  • For better network coverage, mix the network operators in the SIM cards used. 
    1. If you have several SIM cards from the same network operator, they will just share the available bandwidth from the antenna between different modems; this will not increase the amount of data that can be used by the field unit. 

  • Prefer SDI input over HDMI input (the quality and signal integrity are better). 

  • If available, add a WIFI client signal (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) in order to get an additional link for the bitrate load. 

  • For Wi-Fi and cellular connections:  Lower frequencies often have better range as well as the ability to better penetrate structures.  Higher frequencies often have higher bandwidth, however, so it can be a trade-off.  Where options exist, experiment with whichever works best for the given event venue.

  • As soon as there is one 4G/5G SIM card used, configure your Live profile in VBR mode.
    1. If you only have ethernet connectivity, use CBR mode (and lower latency). 

  • Be sure to open all required ports in your firewall for proper StreamHub functionality.  Refer to the Server Configuration Guide. 

  • Whenever issues are encountered, try a reboot.  Next, make sure the device or system is on the latest version of firmware/software.
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