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How to use Intercom with StreamHub or Manager


The intercom feature allows full duplex audio communication between MoJoPro and connected StreamHub/Manager servers and field units.


  • When the Intercom option is included in your license, you can communicate with devices (Air/Pro/ Rack series and MoJoPro) from the StreamHub (or Manager) application.
  • Audio peripheral devices must be connected to the StreamHub server. You can either use the internal sound card (if any) of the StreamHub (or Manager) server, or an external audio rack.
  • If your StreamHub (or Manager) server does not have an internal sound card, connect an audio rack to one of its USB 2.0 ports. You can connect up to two audio racks to the server, provided that both models are identical.


    External audio racks qualified by Haivision are:

    • M-Audio M-Track Eight

    • Presonus 1824C

    • FocusRite Scarlett 18i20 Gen3

  • Microphone and headphones must be connected to the internal sound card or to the audio rack.


    Note down the input(s) and output(s) to which you connect the audio peripheral devices. You will need this information to configure the Intercom function.

Setting up the Intercom Function

Before initiating a communications session, you must configure Intercom function in the StreamHub (or Manager) web interface:

  1. Click on Settings in the menu bar.
  2. Click on Intercom.
  3. Check the Enable Intercom auto-start checkbox to automatically activate the Intercom function on each input as soon as a field unit connects to the server.
  4. Set the UDP Port range to be used. For more information, please contact Haivision Support Team.
  5. From the Input Device drop down list, select the server's sound card.
  6. Click Save.

Starting an Intercom Session

  1. Click the Intercom button
    to start an intercom communication with MoJoPro or a connected field unit. The button turns to blue
    . When the intercom feature is active, a headset icon is visible at the top of the Record and Live screens (see A below).

  2. To stop the intercom session, click on the headset icon.


    An intercom session automatically stops when the field unit disconnects from the input.

Troubleshooting Intercom Errors


Not allowed by licenseThe Intercom function is not available because the license does not allow it.
To request a license update, please contact the sales manager for your area.

Input not configured

Output not configured

In the StreamHub (or Manager) web interface, go to the Intercom configuration page and configure the input and/or the output (see Setting up the Intercom Function above).

Error on Intercom
(Input/Output: invalid configuration)

Verify that the sound card is properly connected to one of the USB 2.0 ports of the StreamHub (or Manager) server.
In the StreamHub (or Manager) web interface, go to the Intercom configuration page and verify the configuration of the inputs and outputs for the Intercom function (see Setting up the Intercom Function above). Restart the StreamHub (or Manager) application.
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