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How to create a destination profile

A Destination Profile is a set of parameters allowing the unit to connect to a StreamHub, a Manager or a SRT Receiver.


  • Ensure that you have a Public IP.
  • We recommend opening the following ports on the public network:
    • UDP 7900 to 7916
    • TCP 8888
    • TCP 8885

You can create a destination profile either from the Unit Panel or from the unit Web interface.

From the Unit Panel
  1. From the Home menu, click on
  2. Click on
    and click on
  3. Click on 
  4. Click on the Profile Name field.
  5. Use the keyboard to enter the new Profile Name.
  6. Click on 
    to confirm the new Destination Profile name.
  7. Click on
    to configure the new Destination Profile settings:

    StreamHub IP address or Hostname
    •    Input assignment on the StreamHub set to automatic
    •    Auto-connect function enabled

    Ensure that Port number, Username and Password correspond to settings entered from the StreamHub.    

  8. Click on
    to save the new Destination Profile settings.
From the Web Interface
  1. Click on Settings > Destination.
  2. Click the
  3. Enter a Name for the Profile.
  4. Select the type of Destination Profile (StreamHub, Manager or SRT Receiver).
  5. Fill in the Settings fields. 

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