Haivision Quad

Last updated on Mar 28, 2023

The Quad range of external cellular antennas includes two products: the Quad Antenna and the Quad CellLink. While the Quad Antenna is a cellular passive multi-antenna, the Quad CellLink is an active 3G/4G multi-antenna. Combined with Haivision’s mobile video encoders and transmitters, Quad solutions add, extend, and strengthen transmission capacity over bonded cellular networks.

Haivision Quad Antenna

The Quad Antenna is a cellular antenna array combining four patented high efficiency wideband antennas. This solution is the ideal companion to workflows with Haivision Pro and Rack products, designed specifically to externalize the embedded native antennas from the Haivision Pro or simply boost transmission capability to the Haivision Rack.

Quad Antenna User Guide

The Quad CellLink integrates four latest-generation 3G/4G-LTE cellular modems with SIM cards and combines this with the innovative Quad Antenna technology for maximized network capacity. This interoperable solution is compatible with the HE4000, Haivision Pro, Rack and Air for connectivity across multiple cell networks.

Quad CellLink User Guide