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System Interfaces

The Makito X comes with a 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Network interface for both traffic and management (RJ45).

Ethernet Connection (Makito X DVI, #S/B-292E-DVI)

DVI Network Interface

On the Makito X with SDI, a computer can be connected to the COM1 RS-232 serial port through its RJ45 connector. A Serial Management adapter is required (see Connecting the Encoder to the Network and a Computer).

Serial Connection (Makito X SDI, Dual-Channel #S/B-292E-HDSDI2)

SDI Serial Com1 Interface


The COM1 port may also be used for KLV and CoT Metadata Capture and stream insertion (the KLV software option must be installed at the factory), as well as for bidirectional serial pass-through for controlling serially attached devices such as cameras.
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