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Publishing an RTMP Stream to YouTube

Following are the steps to publish an RTMP stream from the Makito X to YouTube:

  1. Log in to YouTube, and go to "My Channel" and then to "Video Manager".
  2. Select "Live Events" in the navigation pane on the left and click the "New live event" button on the top-right.
  3. Enter the event name, start date/time, and set Type to Custom. Click "Create Event".
  4. On the "Ingestion Settings / Main Camera" page, choose "Custom ingestion". Create a stream, select "Other encoders" in the encoder list, and note the stream name and the server URL which will appear below.
    • When you click on "Custom ingestion", you must choose the appropriate resolution (e.g., MXE (720p)). If you do not give the resolution you will transmit, YouTube cannot start to display your stream.
    • When you select "Other encoders", YouTube will give you a Stream Name (e.g., makrtmp.ee8a-v8qv-cury-70mg). This name correspond to the Makito X Publish Name field.
  5. Start the RTMP stream on the Makito X.
  6. On YouTube, go to the "Live Control Room" page, and as soon as YouTube starts to receive your stream (i.e., the stream status appears as GOOD), you can go into preview mode (press the Preview button).
  7. Shortly before the event start time, you should be able to press "Start Streaming" to actually start your event.


Everything you stream to YouTube becomes public.

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