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KLV Data Specifications

KLV Input

The serial KLV data is compliant to SMPTE 336M-2007.
A 16-byte Universal Key is used to separate successive KLV packets (messages).
The first 5-byte preamble (06 0E 2B 34 02) is used by the Makito X to sync on the beginning of a new KLV packet.

The incoming serial KLV data is also formatted as per SMPTE 336M-2007 Local Data Set Coding.
Examples of KLV group coding are described in MISB 0601.5, Section 5 UAS Datalink Local Data Set. (See Note below for additional implementation considerations).

Stream Insertion

Compressed video frames (and associated KLV data) are time-stamped as per MISB 0604 Section 5.3. It is assumed that users will pre-configure the Makito X Internal System Clock to the desired UTC time.

The KLV metadata is inserted in the MPEG stream as per MISB 0604, Section 7.2 – Synchronous Carriage of Metadata.


SMPTE 336M-2007 Data Encoding Protocol using Key-

MISB 0601.5 UAS Datalink Local Metadata Set

MISB 0604 Time Stamping Compressed Motion Imagery


In case the KLV serial data is transmitted from the source to the Makito X over a relatively error-prone medium (such as wireless), it is up to the System Integrator to insure the integrity of the KLV packets by using data recovery mechanisms such as Forward Error Correction, etc.

Even with the recovery mechanisms provided by the System Integrator, there will still be some corrupted KLV data messages (e.g., the 5-byte key preamble is corrupted). The Makito X will use serial data inactivity periods of 500ms to re-initialize the internal KLV packet framer. This is in order to minimize error propagation.

Again to minimize the chance for the Makito X to not recover from potentially corrupted KLV data, the length of a KLV packet shall not exceed 500ms. Beyond this time limit, the Makito X will consider that the incoming serial data was probably corrupted (it was not able to find the KLV packet boundaries) and will therefore look for the next 5-byte preamble.

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