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Configuring Export Destinations


Export Destinations is only available on the Makito X with Storage dual-height model.

When setting up Makito X, you can add export destinations to be available to transfer video and metadata to FTP/FTPS servers and the Haivision Video Cloud (HVC) platform. From the Export Destinations page, you can add destinations, edit settings for destinations, and delete destinations.

To view and manage export destinations:

  1. On the Administration page, click Storage on the navigation bar and Export Destinations on the sidebar. 
    The Export Destinations page opens, displaying the list of defined destinations for your platform, if any.
    Export Destinations Page

To add an export destination:

  1. From the Export Destinations page, click 
    Plus Icon
  2. On the Add Export Destination dialog, enter or select the value(s) to define the destination. See Export Destination Settings.
    Add Export Destination Dialog
  3. To test the connection, click Test Settings.


    You do not need to save in order to test settings.

  4. Click Add Destination. The new export destination will be added to the list.

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