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Metadata (Optional)

Metadata Inputs
  • KLV or CoT over Serial (RS-232 or RS-422)
  • KLV or CoT over IP/UDP
Metadata Processing
  • CoT to KLV Conversion
  • CoT relay to another IP device
  • Limited KLV Insertion and Editing
  • KLV Pass-through
  • KLV over SDI Metadata Rate Decimation
  • CC 608/708 Pass-through
  • SMPTE 336M Compliant
  • MISB 0601.11 Compliant
  • MISB 0601 UAS metadata tag filtering
  • MISB 0604.2 Compliant, supporting:
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous formats
    • High precision timecode insertion

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