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Managing Licenses

Feature licensing allows you to add new functionality to already deployed systems. For example, you may add features such as the following to a base Makito X.







To acquire a new license, please contact your Authorized Reseller or Haivision at: Indicate the appropriate feature SKU and provide the hardware serial number (or list of numbers in the case of multiple devices) to which it applies.

The license is delivered by email as a plain-text ASCII license file with the extension .lic to be installed on your Makito X.

You may install and manage licenses from the Web interface or from the CLI using the license command. Both methods allow you to view the content and status (valid/invalid) of the license file to confirm the ordered features.

The licensing of the unit will survive a factory reset and upgrade of the firmware.

This section provides instructions to install a license from the Web interface as well as view current licenses on your system.


  • Do not delete existing licenses before uploading the new license.
  • New licenses are typically add-ons to complement the base license. You should only delete existing licenses if instructed to do so by Haivision.

To install a license file:

  1. On the Administration page, click Settings on the navigation bar and Licensing on the sidebar. 
    The Licensing page opens, displaying the list of currently installed licenses (if applicable).
    Licensing Page
  2. To select the license file, click Install and select the file in the Open File dialog box.
  3. When you see the filename in the text box, click Upload.

    Upload License File Option

  4. To apply your changes, click the Reboot button. |
    The encoder will reboot and you will be returned to the Login page.
  5. To view an installed license file, click the file in the list.
    The license file opens in a separate window.
    Example License File

License File Errors

The license file signature check occurs at license installation and system startup time. The following table lists the possible validation errors.

Validation ErrorDescription
Unrecognized license file format or extension
The file extension or content is not recognized as a licensed features license.
Not for this device (serial number)
The current device's serial number is not specified in the license.
File integrity compromised
Invalid signature: The license file has been corrupted or altered.
File authenticity cannot be confirmed
The license signing certificate cannot be authenticated.

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