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Managing External Storage


The External Storage page is only available on the Makito X with Storage dual-height units with face-plate accessible USB 2.0 and SD card interfaces. For details, see Storage Options.

The External Storage pages list all installed external storage devices for the encoder. There is a separate page for each device, which shows the available space and capacity. From here, you can view the list of folders (and sub-folders) on each device, as well as delete folders or files and eject devices.

To manage external storage:

  1. On the Streaming page, click External Storage on the navigation bar. If more than one storage device is available, select the device (for example, SD Card or USB Drive) on the sidebar. 
    The External Storage page opens for the device.
    Sample External Storage Page

    This page displays the name, date modified, and size for each folder.
  2. To display the contents of a folder, click the
  3. To close the folder and return one folder up in the hierarchy, click the 
    Folder Up
    External Storage Folder Contents
  4. To change the sort order of the list of folders, select the order from the Sort by drop-down menu.
  5. To delete one or multiple folders or files, check the checkbox beside the folder (or check All) and click Delete.
  6. To unmount one or multiple removable devices (i.e., SD or USB or removable SSD), check the checkbox beside the device (or check All) and click Eject.
  7. Remove the device from the interface port.
  8. Install the device on a computer to view the assets on the device. (See Viewing Recordings from a Removable Drive on a Computer.)
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