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Makito XH Overview

The Makito XH (Harsh) is a semi-ruggedized, industrial version of the Makito X.

  • The Makito XH encoder is available in single channel DVI input, and single and dual channel SDI input configurations.
  • The Makito XH decoder is available in a dual SDI plus HDMI output configuration.

The Makito XH is designed for fan-less operation in harsh/hot environments, where it can survive exposure to a limited range of temperatures and other environmental factors (e.g. humidity, dust, etc).

The Makito XH is resistant to a limited amount of shock and vibration, and can tolerate variations in temperature (from 0 to 70 °C), humidity (5% to 95%, non-condensing), and air pressure (from 300 to 1015 kPa). In all other aspects (including video/audio encoding/decoding, streaming, management, network/serial port and metadata control) the Makito XH is identical to its non-ruggedized Makito X counterparts.

Makito XH Encoder (#S-292E-X1H)

Makito XH Encoder Appliance

Makito XH Decoder (#S-292D-X2H)
Makito XH Decoder Appliance


The Makito XH is suited for ISR activities in remote locations, where it should be mounted within an environmental enclosure for additional protection.

Typical encoder applications include surveillance towers with security cameras that can feed an SDI signal to Makito XH units, which encode the video and stream it to a remote monitoring location.

Makito XH Encoder Stream Workflow

Typical decoder applications include providing on-site decoding of video streams for border patrol operations, and fan-less decoding in noise-sensitive environments (e.g., a broadcast booth at a live sporting event).

Makito XH Decoder Stream Workflow

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