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HEVC Encoding

The Makito X HEVC encoder is designed to support extreme low-latency broadcast and intelligence surveillance reconnaissance (ISR) applications. Features include:

  • Live Video Backhaul - From anywhere, transport the highest quality, lowest latency, live video over any network with the Makito X HEVC encoder.
  • More Content - Less Operational Cost With HEVC and Haivision's SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) support, the Makito X HEVC encoder makes low-cost, readily available public Internet connections secure and reliable for high quality live video transport, while saving bandwidth yet maintaining H.264 picture quality.
  • Performance Encoding with Metadata In ISR applications, many full motion video (FMV) systems bundle additional information with video streams in the form of metadata. The Makito X HEVC optimizes the task of disseminating information in formats required by downstream networks, exploitation systems, and viewers, with the lowest possible delay, while preserving and enhancing metadata with frame accurate synchronization.

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