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Connecting the DVI-I Interface (Makito X-DVI)


The same DVI connector is used for Analog (Component/RGB) or Digital (HDMI/DVI) input.

To connect the Makito X DVI-I Interface:

  1. Component Analog/Digital Video/Computer Graphics: Connect your Video Source cable to the encoder's DVI-I Input connector.
  2. Analog Audio In: Connect your Audio Source cable to the encoder's 8-pin Mini-DIN connector (shown below).
    • For unbalanced audio, use the 8-pin audio to 3-RCA female cable adapter (included in the package, shown below).
    • A balanced audio cable adapter is available from Haivision upon request. (See Audio Breakout Cables.)

DVI-I Input Connections (#S/B-292E-DVI)

Audio to RCA Female Cable Adapter (Unbalanced)

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